Come Join us for our new Youth Group called Celebrate. This fun youth group is open to everyone from 7th grade through high school. 

"Celebrate!" will be held every other Sunday evening from 7pm to 8:30.

Teens, this is YOUR Youth Group and we will focus on fun including playing games, sports, volleyball, kickball, basketball, bonfires and more!  It is a time to hang out together and take part in your parish life! We will also be active in our parish community by helping out at exciting events throughout the year!  Looking for a place to just be yourself with your peers in a relaxed environment?  This is the place. 

Teens will also participate in:

  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross

  • The St. Colette Land of Happily Ever After

  • Fr. Krizner’s Amazing Penny Carnival

  • The Annual Halloween Party

Parents, are you looking for a fun, social environment for your teens where everyone is accepted? What better place to bring them than to Christ's house, to just hang out with each other, play games, participate in parish life, do homework and more?! 

We hope to see every parish teen at Celebrate!



For more information please contact the parish office, 330-273-5500.

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