Holy Matrimony

Congratulations! What a special time in your life! 

Holy Matrimony is the union of a man and woman in the presence of God.  The couple is formed and instructed to allow their relationship to be an example of God's love to humanity. By choosing to enter into the sacrament of marriage, we want to ensure that you are an active member of the church community of St. Colette. 

So what steps need to be taken to get ready for your wedding?

  1. Be sure to call the parish office (330-273-5500) at least 6 months in advance to secure your date. We are blessed to have many weddings here so scheduling ASAP is very important!
  2. Following the initial phone call, you will meet with our Pastoral Associate, Lisa Radey, to begin the marriage preparation process. You will meet with her 3-4 times during which a diocesan issued strengths assessment will be taken. The assessment helps you build as a couple, allowing you to find strengths in each other individually and to grow in strength and love together.  The last meeting with Lisa will be focused on planning your ceremony, selecting readings, music, etc. 
  3. You will also be required to attend a PreCana

Congratulations again and blessings on your engagement and wedding!