Source & Summit

What is it and Why did it come about?

We have instituted a new Gathering Group for those in the 21-30s age group.  As the parish continues to grow we are noticing more and more of the millennial generation—singles, newly married, married with children. Up to now we have had no outreach to that particular age-group and as the numbers increase we believe that is a genuine priority.  This is not a study group, a Bible class, nor a problem-solving group—it is a non-committal, no pressure‘gathering of young adults who are a vital part of Church and an important part of our parish Family.  

If you are home on college-break, or able to join us from work or school or get a baby-sitter please stop in. Refreshments provided and the Fellowship is Free!

We call it Source & Summit because as Vatican II told us, ‘Eucharist is the source and summit of all Christian Life.’ (Lumen Gentium #11)

When does the group meet?

To find out when we are meeting next click here. 

Who can I contact for more information?

Simply, call the Parish Office (330-273-5500).