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Weekly Parish Highlight

Celebrating Veterans

Thank you to all the Veterans who have served our country, especially those who are in our own parish family!

Weekend of 11/3 & 11/4

Pancake Breakfast

Thank you to the Holy Name Society for putting together our wonderful Pancake Breakfast! Delicious food, great friendship and all you can eat pancakes-a great time was had by all!

Weekend of 10/27 & 10/28

Priesthood Sunday

Happy Priesthood Sunday to Father Krizner, Abbot Gary, Father Ron and all those priests who have helped at St. Colette over the years. We celebrate you today and every day!

Weekend of 10/20 & 10/21

Bake Sale weekend

Thank you to the Daughters of St. Colette for another delicious bake sale weekend!


Weekend of 10/13 & 10/14

Land of Happily Ever After

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Land of Happily Ever After a success!

Weekend of 10/6 & 10/7

Pet Blessing

Thank you for joining us—may the Lord watch over our Best friends and bring us every good blessing! St. Francis, pray for us!

Weekend of 9/29 & 9/30

Fall FLing

Thank you to all the ladies who made the Fall Fling possible. A great time was had by all!

Weekend of 9/22 & 9/23

Car Show 2018

To all those involved, to the members of the Holy Name Society-a huge thank you for your hard work and dedication to this annual event! You surpass your goal each year! Thank you for being a part of it all!

Weekend of 9/15 & 9/16

9-11 Mass

Gratitude to the men and women of the Military, Police, Fire Fighters, First Responders and to YOU for joining us on what was another memorable evening of prayer and remembrance. This was truly a meaningful and profound remembrance of the day that changed our world. Thank you so much for being a part of our evening.-Fr. Krizner

Weekend of 9/8 & 9/9

a hero in our parish

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 5.59.08 PM.png

You may have seen on the news that Cleveland Battalion Chief Bill Gorey managed to alert the Fire Department to a rescue which he undertook on his own. He saw smoke billowing from a house and immediately responded to what was a very dangerous situation. When he was alerted that there was a woman in the house he acted on his own until other Firefighters arrived. At the time of this printing the woman was in the hospital with 3rd degree burns. Bill also suffered 2nd degree burns on his hand and his forearm. Bill is our Building Director and a familiar face in the parish. In the news interviews he simply stated he was ‘doing his job’. We are proud of you, Chief! Read the full article from Cleveland.com.

Weekend of 9/1 & 9/2

Project Endeavor Update

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Project Endeavor Fund. The response has been overwhelming! Check out our latest numbers: Pledges: 500,  Pledge Dollar Amount: $1,277,870.40. For any and all updates on Endeavor, check out our Project Endeavor page.

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