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Weekly Parish Highlight

Night at the Races

Thank you to all who worked, prepared, and participated in the Night at the Races!  This event helps us tremendously with our Catholic Education and PSCF funding. We are grateful to all who helped to make this another successful evening of fun, entertainment, and fellowship. Thanks to Bill Gorey who spearheaded the event and to those who worked so closely with him to make this evening enjoyable. Our thanks to the Kitchen Crew who served and assisted in all the details of the evening. 
Gratitude to European's Best for the wonderful food

Weekend of 2/10 & 2/11

A note from Sara & Brandon:

We are so very grateful for your prayers and your good thoughts. Anthony has been a trouper through this major ordeal and we are confident that your prayers helped all of us through. Thank You. Also  know that I miss you all so much, and I am eager to return. God be praised, and God Bless You!   

Weekend of 2/3 & 2/4

Note from Fr. Krizner:

All that is expected of a parish would never be accomplished without the help that so many of you provide in so many ways.  The volunteers who usher, count the collections,  assist with Liturgies, work the Funeral Luncheons (2 this week), assist in the office, coordinate our groups, prepare for Donut Sundays and on and on are PRICELESS.  We'd never be St. Colette Parish without you!

Weekend of 1/27 & 1/28

Thank you!

Thank you to the Holy Name Society for a delicious Pancake Breakfast and to the Daughters of St. Colette for the scrumptious Bake Sale! We can't wait for the next one!


Congratulations to Sara & Brandon Kronholz on welcoming a beautiful baby boy, Anthony William! He was born 1/23/18 at 12:16 PM. 8lbs 2oz 20 inches. 

Weekend of  1/20 & 1/21

thank you!

To all who worked so hard to make our Rummage Sale happen once again! Thanks to each and every volunteer and to Stan Joswick for his leadership in directing and organizing the event! We could NEVER do this without all of our faithful volunteers who spend so much time sorting, pricing, organizing and bringing everything together! THANK YOU ALL! And thanks to those who brought donations and so many treasures!!! Another Success!

Weekend of 1/13 & 1/14

Thoughts from Father...

STAY HEALTHY— WASH YOUR HANDS (as they tell us to) - cover your cough and sneeze,  and if you are Sick then Stay Home!!!   As a means of passing time count the days until Spring over and over again! Only 65 days until spring...

Weekend of 1/6 & 1/7

Back in the day...

This weekend is the traditional day of blessing houses. In the very OLD days the village priest would come to your home, dressed in a black cassock and white surplice, to bless your home, and in return you could give him a chicken, or ducks, or breads or some offering which he would then share with the other priests in the rectory.  Today you have instead an OLD priest who lives with two dogs and has absolutely no need of ducks or chickens or any other live animals!