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2018 Golf Outing Booklet


2018 Night at the Races Ad Booklet

Weekly Parish Highlight

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to all who brought items for the sale and to all of the workers—with special gratitude to Stan Joswick and his wife, Nancy for spearheading this event. To all of our workers— thank you again!!!

Weekend of 1/12 & 1/13

Many thanks!

We are so thankful to Fr. Rob from St. Ambrose for filling in a couple of weekends ago. He and Fr. Stec are more than gracious when we need help. Thanks also to Fr. Ron for his faithful service and to Fr. Caesar for being a part of the parish ‘family’!

Weekend of 1/5 & 1/6

thank you!

Once more please allow me to thank you for your kindness throughout this Christmas Holy-day!

Thank you for the cards and candy, the bakery and the Gifts, the many surprises and the incredible thoughtfulness! Thanks also from Lily & Grace for your considerations as well. At every turn there was another surprise and delightful treat! Thank you so much ~ with every good blessing in return!

-Fr. Krizner