Women of Joy 


Women of Joy was born after the first Women's Retreat in 2015.  Since that time, women have been gathering to celebrate the Joy of the Gospel with lively discussions, games, prayer and of course plenty of food! 

Bible Study


We all need to be reminded of the fact that all things belong to God. So often we miss how creation in all its glory is constantly praises the goodness of our God. Enjoy as you listen to the stars singing their praises.

We will be starting a Bible Study. It will run September 19 – November 21! The study is Hebrews, A better Blend by Leah C. Adams ISBN: 978-1-5937-737-9.

More details to come!

Save the Date:

You can always join us for any of our upcoming events.  So mark your calendars now!!! 


lots of brainstorming happening!

Check back soon as we are working on new events and gatherings. See you all soon! 


Click here for more details on our upcoming events.

Join other women in the parish to learn, pray, share and laugh...call Lisa Radey at the parish office (330-273-5500) for more information.