Pre-School & Kindergarten Sunday School

The Director of Sunday School is Kathy Pellegrin.  Kathy has been the director since 2012.

The Pre-school & Kindergarten Sunday Program will help young children recognize their place in the worshiping community and understand how even as young children they can follow Jesus' way.

-Kathy Pellegrin

Pre-School & Kindergarten Sunday School at St. Colette was formed in order to bring the story of Jesus to children of the four and five year old age at a level that they can comprehend.  It also gives the parents time to reflect during mass and not be distracted by their children.


Teacher: Kathy Pellegrin
Assistants: Connie Buzek & Sharon Sheehan

The kindergarten program is based on the Promises series.  The Promises are the K-1 edition of the Pflaum Gospel Series.  Each Promise lesson is built around the theme of the Sunday Gospel.  Kathy along with Connie and Sharon teach and form the hearts of the children at a level they can understand.

4 Year-old Program

Teacher: Aileen Armstong
Assistant: Shirley Sheets

The 4 year-old program is based on the "Image of God" series.  This class reflects on Jesus and how to live lovingly.  Aileen and Shirley focus on many fun and engaging activities that keep the children engaged learning about Jesus and His Love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sunday School P.S.C.F. for?

  • Pre-School & Kindergarten Sunday School is for pre-school and kindergarten aged (4 & 5 year-old) students.

When does it Meet?

  • On Sundays during the 10am mass.

WHat is the cost?

  • Pre-School & Kindergarten Sunday School is offered at no cost to the student's family.