Our Mission Statement

The Holy Name Society (HNS) offers service and assistance to the parish by providing volunteers, holding fundraising activities and providing an opportunity for the men of the parish to socialize, fraternize and become more involved in the parish.

The Holy Name Society is currently comprised of about 60 members with 35 or more members active at a meeting or event during any given time.  These 60 members are supported by a Board that helps guide and direct the Holy Name Society throughout the year.

2016-2018 Board Members (Newly elected)

Marshal.......................Ken Butz
Handy Man director....Jim Aust

President...............Don Feuerstein (440) 572-1044
Vice President.......Dave Konopinski
Secretary................Lou Baga
Treasurer...............Jim Swinerton


Current Event Schedule

Download our 2017 Meeting/Event Schedule

Check out our event page as well.

The Holy Name Society participates in a variety of activities throughout the year.  These events can be fundraisers, parish activities or off-site events.  Examples include:

  • Annual Events with Veritas+ and the youth
  • Retreats in the parish hall or at the Jesuit Retreat House
  • Support Staff/Construction Crew for parish events
  • Summer Car Show
  • Pancake Breakfasts to support the Scholarship

The Holy Name Society also supports the parish and parishioners by having an annual Holy Name Society Scholarship and by organizing a Handy Man Crew.

Matthew 8:20 Drive


Thank you for your generous support in providing socks and underwear to homeless and needy men.
St. Colette Parish contributed 2 large bags to the diocesan-wide campaign.

Handy Man Crew

A small group of Holy Name men that provide assistance to needy, handicapped, disabled or senior active St. Colette parishioners.  The group specializes in small jobs (less than 4 hours) that cover a wide range of "around the house" tasks.

Download our form and let us see if we can help!

Holy Name Society Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded semi-annually in the amount of $1,000 for the use of off-setting tuition at a Catholic grade school or Catholic high school. 

Download the scholarship form here!


Who can join?
The Holy Name Society is open to all adult men of St. Colette Parish or St. Ambrose Parish.

Do you have any dues?
Current dues are a bargain of $5.00 per year.

When are the meetings?
Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month in the church hall at 7pm.

How do I join?
New members can join at any meeting by completing our Form and dropping it off at the office or to a current member.