Parish School of Catholic Formation (P.S.C.F)

The principals of P.S.C.F. are Mr. and Mrs. Larry & Christine "Chris" Pizon.  They have been running P.S.C.F since the 1984 school year.

P.S.C.F. is a Catechetical program which uses the traditional classroom approach. The current school year is comprised of 13 dedicated teachers, 8 aides and 260 students spanning grads 1st - 8th.
Students use text books from the Sadlier Series "We Believe" program. Teachers focus on an age-appropriate presentation of the Catholic Faith through prayer and instructing the truths of Catholic Faith as found in Scripture, Tradition and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The children are then encouraged to respond to each week's lesson with prayer, reflection and action by living out their discipleship among peers, family, school and parish.
Time is also spent on the different seasons and feasts of the church year (i.e. Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter) to help the children understand and celebrate these special seasons and feasts.
The diocese's "Called to Protect" program is also incorporated into the school year to empower our children to be safe from abuse and to have a safe environment.
Since our time is limited to only one class period a week, we encourage parents to take an active role in continuing their weekly lesson in the context of the home and the family. We ask our parish family for continued prayers and support as we minister to the children of St. Colette.

Larry & Chris Pizon

Important Read - Drop-off/Pick-up details

Drop-Off: Students can be dropped off at the lower level entrance to the parish hall.
Pick-up: Students can be picked up at the North entrance to the church.  Please do not pick up students at the lower level.  We also would like for parents to park and wait so as not to create a large line of cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

  • If you are a parishioner

    • $30 for the first student

    • $50 if you are registering two (2) or more students

  • If you are not a parishioner

    • $50 per student

When do P.S.C.F. classes take place?

  • Mondays

    • 1st through 3rd grade: 6:00pm until 7:15pm

    • 7th & 8th grade: 7:20pm until 8:35pm

  • Tuesdays

    • 4th through 6th grade: 6pm until 7:15

What about Snow Days?
If Brunswick City Schools are closed then PSCF will also be closed.  If school is cancelled please call the Parish Office, check the website or watch the local news for PSCF in-session information.  Also, contact the Parish Office if inclement weather is expected in the evening.

What sacraments will my child receive and when?
Confirmation is received during 8th grade
First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation are received during 2nd grade

Download the PSCF registration forms