St. Colette's Prayer Groups

At St. Colette, we have a variety of ways for parishioners to get involved in the parish including ways to deepen their faith through prayer and group discussions. All parishioners are encouraged to take their faith further than their usual Sunday mass.

Below you will find a list of our prayer groups. Find your place within our parish family.

Brothers in faith

Who are these Brothers in Faith anyway?   I heard they are a group of men who meet early Saturday morning in the atrium.

What do they do there? I heard they say the Rosary.

A Rosary...really? Yeah, they discuss the Sunday readings, talk some guy stuff, pray a little...

Guy stuff... Yeah, you know, like Brothers...

You know...I think I'll give it a shot...what about you?

Brothers in Faith, a men’s prayer group, meets Saturday mornings at 8am twice a month for a little R & R (Rosary and Readings).  The Brothers came together in the Fall of 2014 to create a place where men could gather and strengthen one another through readings, scripture and prayer. As written in Proverbs 27 verse 17 " iron sharpens ironso one man sharpens another."

For more information on the prayer group please contact Fred Krizman at 440.268.0331 or Mark Henderson at 630.886.1890

Click here to see our upcoming events and meetings.

All men of the parish are welcome!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Prayer Group

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a prayer group of parishioners that come together to pray for family members, loved ones and community members who are ill.  Many of their gatherings are done in the presence of the Holy Sacrament.

This prayer group meets on Tuesday nights after the 7pm mass. Click here to see our upcoming meetings.

All parishioners are welcome to join! No dedicated time is required as you can come and go as you feel necessary.

Seasons of Hope

Our Lord assured us that those who mourn are blessed, and that they shall be comforted.  Seasons of Hope offers the bereaved an opportunity to come together to share in God's love.  With the support of the faith community, we can give voice to our unique journeys of grief and find healing and spiritual growth.  Seasons of Hope sessions help us explore mourning through scripture, prayer, reflection activities and faith sharing.

Seasons of Hope is centered on Jesus Christ and grounded in the healing wisdom, traditions and practices of the Catholic Church.

Each year, many families face the loss of loved ones leaving them feeling isolated, empty and broken-hearted.

For those searching for hope, the Seasons of Hope prayer group is a nurturing link to the Church, the Almighty and other people of faith who are also mourning.

Seasons of Hope is an opportunity for those who are grieving to gather and share their pain in a prayerful environment.  This program, rooted in Catholic Tradition, conveys God’s consolation through scripture, prayer, reflection, and sharing our faith.  Our next Seasons of Hope will begin on Monday, September 24th at 7pm and run for 8 weeks.. We will be meeting in the parish offices. 

Come and be comforted.  If you or someone you know is struggling and could benefit from a loving community who understands you are encouraged to call Lisa at the Parish Office to register.  330.273.5500.